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Cultivate: Forming the Emerging Generation through Life-on-Life Mentoring - Dr. Jeff Myers with Paul & Paige Gutacker ($19.95)
In our postmodern world of broken homes and technology-mediated relationships, the emerging generation needs positive life-on-life influence from adults now more than ever if they are to truly thrive. Based on four years of research and work with more than 1,500 Christian schools and churches around the world, Cultivate renews the ancient art of mentoring to help today’s busy Christian educators spark spiritual growth, personal motivation, academic engagement, and positive social interaction in young adults.

Handoff: The Only Way to Win the Race of Life - Dr. Jeff Myers ($12.99)
Within two hours of opening this powerful little hardcover book, you'll know exactly how to put the signature on your legacy. Handoff is an easy-to-read guide that inspires current leaders to play their part in successfully passing the baton of godly faithfulness to the next generation. Written with a deep understanding of human tendencies and fears, Handoff uses humorous and poignant stories and practical strategies to help you invest in the next generation in a natural and stress-free way.

Of Knights and Fair Maidens - Dr. Jeff & Danielle Myers ($13.50)
Thirteen years ago Jeff and Danielle Myers wrote a book entitled Of Knights and Fair Maidens to help singles of all ages break through the uncertainty of the dating culture. Knights contains three simple, biblical principles of true romance that they learned and applied during their courtship. Using the word "biblical" in reference to "romance" may not sound like a recipe for a successful book, but this little self-published volume became somewhat of an underground sensation and went through eleven printings. Knights offers fresh, relevant insight on dating, courtship and marriage. Along the way, single readers get a biblical, balanced antidote to both the heartbreak of popular dating culture and the frantic legalism that often characterizes Christian literature on the subject.

Secrets of World Changers DVD Course - Dr. Jeff Myers ($49.99)
As Jeff looked into the lives of world-changing leaders, he was stunned to discover that they were ordinary people who were used by God to accomplish extraordinary things. Facing great obstacles, they broke through personal and societal barriers and lived out their God-given gifts. This course shows how they did it! Secrets of World Changers has equipped thousands of people to see the eternal impact they could have by discovering their God-inspired purpose. This identity-building course offers 6 DVD lessons by Jeff Myers, a study guide, a CD-ROM with teacher's guides, role plays and case studies.

Secrets of Everyday Leaders DVD Course - Dr. Jeff Myers ($64.99)
Would you invest twelve short meetings to instill confidence and inspire dedication in your team-whether in a business, a school, a church, a homeschool co-op, or even your family? With Secrets of Everyday Leaders, you're just a few hours away from the kind of enthusiasm that motivates people to do great things for God. Imagine twelve memorable sessions that equip you to rise above the daily grind and live out your God-given design. This course includes 12 DVD lessons by Jeff Myers, a study guide, a CD-ROM with teacher's guides, role plays and case studies.

Secrets of Great Communicators DVD Course - Dr. Jeff Myers ($64.99)
Studies show that children who learn effective public speaking skills rise to the top 5% and are selected for advancement by teachers, employers and communities. They're better equipped to live with confidence and grace, to reach their goals, and to have eternal impact. Secrets of Great Communicators is a complete speech course which leads students (age 12-and-up) and adults step-by-step to design and deliver a great speech. You'll learn to overcome fear, organize a credible talk, reach the heart of an audience, and deliver your message with poise. This course offers 6 DVD lessons by Jeff Myers, a study guide, a CD-ROM with teacher's guides, role plays and case studies.

“The hearts of young adults are our treasure, and Cultivate is the treasure map.”

- Josh and Sean McDowell
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